Dec 21, 2021
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4-6 months
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Crumb met Interexy team at a very complex point of its lifecycle – they were running late with the first build release having inhouse CTO coming from a web background working on a hybrid cross-platform version of the app – spending too much time & money for Health App integration which was the core feature of the app – resources the team did not have.


We came into the product team & quickly outlined the main issues – the technology that was being used. We decided to focus on the iOS version & use native Swift iOS language to integrate the Health App which only took a couple of days to finish. We’ve delivered the first version on time within the first 5 weeks & were able to allow Crumb to extend the pre-seed fundraising round & continue working on the product further.


We came into the cross-platform unfinished version with lagging Health flow – we left by having two pixel-perfect gamified native apps with seamless backend integration, referral program & a satisfied and growing user base. The product passed through the harsh COVID-19 period & was able to survive and fundraise further to the continuation of the app development. The app successfully passed 3 funding rounds with Interexy as a development team.