Jun 22, 2021
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H.Parsons - Funeral Manager

H.Parsons - Funeral Manager

7-12 months
Australia, Wollongong
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H.Parsons is dedicated to investing in new technology, process improvements and staff development. With ambitious growth targets over the short and medium term they were looking to optimised their existing CRM solution. The existing CRM was custom and internally hosted and had supported operational processes for over 20 years. The opportunity for digital transformation became apparent to meet new growth targets by creating reductions to operational overheads from out dated administrative and service processes.


H.Parsons was looking for a replacement CRM solution that matched their business requirements, replacing the old system and modernise it with new and improved hosting infrastructure, code base, and user experience. They had the following primary goals for the product redevelopment: + A modern, clean and simple UI that created delight for users including staff and customers + Reduce data entry for administrators to save time + Integrate with their secure Funeral Manager database and financial accounting software + Maintain data security while introducing a cloud hosting solution + Have a modular and scalable design that provided possible future applications to be built in


A custom product development process was implemented using an Agile delivery methodology. There were extensive user research design rounds to ensure all features were meeting the objectives of both the company and its users. The solution was built in Silverstripe CMS framework mixed with a React.js frontend and hosted on the secure Silverstripe Platform via AWS. Agile development of this product ensured that the features developed were the most important for the software's success and an incremental delivery timeframe lead to continuous improvements as the application was adopted into practice. Since the launch of the Funeral Manager in July 2019, H.Parsons has experienced large time savings for admin staff which has fuelled future investment into new product development.