Oct 11, 2021
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Bookmaker Doubles Processing Speed of 5 Million Customer Queries with Automation by Intetics

Bookmaker Doubles Processing Speed of 5 Million Customer Queries with Automation by Intetics

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The Client is a world leader in remote betting and offers thousands of betting markets on a daily basis over the telephone and the Internet. Their website incorporates the highest levels of security that underwrite an integrated array of sports betting and gaming services available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. The main challenge was the slow, outdated system that had many issues. There were several failed attempts to fix it through third-party vendors. The Client doesn’t have its own R&D department capable of rebuilding and supporting its system. In addition, the requirements for the system were highly complex, and this made the task of creating an R&D team exceptionally complicated for the Client.


Working with Intetics, the Bookmaker received a high-performance system that automated customer query processing. The solution centralized synchronization, making the management of their 3,000 remote store locations more flexible. It also made the system more scalable. The Intetics Offshore Dedicated Team migrated the existing system to .NET and developed a variety of new functionalities. They created a new system for reading betting tickets, which involved digitalizing hand-completed forms and converting the information into barcodes.


With the gained high-performance automated system, the Client’s net revenue increased by 29%. The more flexible and scalable system showed no volume limit and effortlessly handles 5 million queries on the busiest day. Within 1 year, the Intetics team delivered the first version of the system to production.