Oct 11, 2021
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For 10+ Years, Intetics Operates the Data Processing Center To Expand the Global Footprint of the World Leader in the Mapping Industry

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The Client is a world leader and a pioneer in location technology. It is cited as having the largest market share in navigation services worldwide.​ With over 9,000 employees across 56 countries, the Company is serving thousands of customers at scale. The Client lacked data about the Eastern European region & required a strategic partner able to set up an offshore center to process geographic data quickly and cost-effectively in the region. The Client also lacked skilled GIS specialists who could speak Slavic languages, which was necessary to cover the region. Therefore, they required a scalable data processing center with competent staff in order to deliver a highly accurate product and meet stringent data protection standards.


A fully-secured and highly scalable Offshore Dedicated Team® (ODT) was set and based in Kharkiv, Ukraine.​ The highly flexible structure of the ODT allowed rapid changes in order to accommodate the varying scope and complexity of each project. Upon being recruited, all technical staff underwent a thorough personal screening and an intensive training program. The process-oriented approach to management allowed the team to be built and to achieve high KPIs in the shortest possible timeframe.


The Client expanded in Eastern Europe and was recognized as #1 company in the location service industry. The reliable partner provides outstanding services, cuts costs, and improves every aspect of work. The ODT was staffed with highly qualified GIS specialists in a mere four months, which is twice as fast to set up a similarly functional center.