Oct 11, 2021
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Single Platform Productivity for Construction Professionals to Manage Projects, Actions, Documents and Notifications

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Frame solutions is a team of construction professionals and software engineers that came together to create solutions for the building environment. Working as consultants for many different companies, they aimed to remove siloed systems that do not interact with each other and to eliminate the inefficiencies. Due to the huge backlog and constant urgent activities, the Client was not able to allocate their team to carry out the project. Only with the help of Intetics, have the plans that were constantly postponed been implemented.


The Client faced resource issues when developing and scaling their system. An Offshore Dedicated Team® (ODT) was formed to assist the Client with project development, scaling and maintenance. Service. With the help of the portal, all field data from agrochemical maps to NDVI images are always available, and it is possible to analyze the causes of problem areas. ​


The Client met their timelines and released the project in time and with the expected quality. ODT continually tested an ESTA database for bugs and usability. 62% of Project Managers said they saved roughly 4+ hours each week of billable time. ODT service also included refining all the problems for an upcoming launch.