Mar 30, 2023
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Omnichannel Retail Company

4-6 months
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Our client needed a UI/UX designer in the renewal of the technology stack, where one of the outcomes was the frontend of the online store. The main challenge of the project is to provide a complete redesign of the retail store from scratch, making it modern, user-friendly, intuitive, and converting.


Frontend's UI/UX design was part of a larger reform, where technology is modernized on many levels. The frontend project was started in a headless way, which turned out to be a good way to proceed. The design was done flexibly at the same time as frontend development. With this model, the client was able to keep an eye on the customer experience without major technical limitations.


Our UX/UI design was made with Figma. As an outcome, we provided our client with a design system, UI components, and page layouts. We also used interactive prototypes and user testing. Our workflow was efficient and fluent and the team used agile methods throughout the project. Our client was happy with the peace of knowing that the designer was involved in their own processes.