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United States, San Jose
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Experience Engineering Led Transformation Company

iOPEX is a new-generation digital experience services provider offering digital engineering, transformation, and optimized operational solutions through hyperautomation and digital-first technology frameworks. We deliver solutions and automate processes for business functions like technology, finance, and marketing operations to provide customers with a complete business experience. Our framework for integrated workflow automation helps the journey for operational teams to go from manual operations to AIOPs to No-Ops delivering up to 30% cost savings. We have been helping some of the major fortune 500 companies to optimize enterprise operations and adopt digital transformation across different industry verticals.

iOPEX recently launched iopex.ai, an innovative platform that harnesses the power of enterprise AI to revolutionize business operations. With iopex.ai, companies can automate and optimize various processes, improving efficiency and productivity. This cutting-edge solution offers advanced analytics, machine learning capabilities, and intelligent automation, enabling businesses to make data-driven decisions and streamline their operations for enhanced performance. The integration of enterprise AI in iopex.ai ensures that businesses can leverage the full potential of artificial intelligence to drive growth and stay ahead in today's competitive market.

Experience Engineering Led Transformation Company

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Location and Contacts

United States, San Jose
1245 S. Winchester Blvd, San Jose, California
+1 (510) 771-1200
Poland, Opole
CitySpace Office 516-O3 Business Campus, Opole, Opolskie
110 31-32
United Kingdom, London
The Grange, 100 High St, London,
N14 6BN
+44 7424 186538
India, Chennai
Ambit IT Park, 32 A & B, Industrial Estate, Ambattur, Chennai,
600 058
+91 44 462 63 099

Major clients

Fortune 500 clients from Technology
Fortune 500 clients from Media & Entertainment
Fortune 500 clients from Telecommunications
Fortune 500 from rest of the industries

Services focus

Service Lines
Category distribution and progress
Artificial Intelligence30%
IT Services20%
Software Development20%
Web Development10%
IoT Development10%
Artificial Intelligence
Category distribution and progress
Machine Learning40%
It Consulting
Category distribution and progress
IT & Networking20%
App Management & Support20%
Chatbot Development20%
Managed IT Services20%
Domain focus
Category distribution and progress
Business Services30%
Retail and Restaurants20%
Media & Entertainment10%
Energy & Utilities10%
Banking & Financial Services10%
CMS solutions
Category distribution and progress