May 16, 2024
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Just Go Zero

Just Go Zero

2-3 months
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"Just Go Zero" is a Circular Economy movement based in Greece with a mission to create a zero-waste world by promoting comprehensive recycling. To achieve this ambitious goal, they require a platform or intermediary that can assist in organizing, tracking, and reporting recycling-related data in a digital format. Additionally, a significant challenge lies in encouraging widespread public participation and engagement with both the program and the platform. It's essential to acknowledge that recycling everything is not currently feasible, and not everyone is prepared for such a commitment. Therefore, there is a critical need to use digital tools to inspire a sense of responsibility in individuals, encouraging them to contribute to nature's well-being.


Just Go Zero has developed a website platform that has an IOT-based smart scale system with different roles to manage, display, and organize recycling data, along with a mobile app designed for the general public to interact with the system. Through the app, users can request a collection of their recyclable waste and track their totals. The system includes various charts, leaderboards, and environmental impact reports to provide users with insights into their recycling efforts. Additionally, there is functionality to export sheets and reports for administrators to monitor. The system also categorizes users and collections based on municipalities, streamlining operations at a local level.


The transparency of data provided by the Just Go Zero platform has significantly increased user acceptance and usage of both the platform and the app. This increased usage has led to a higher recycling rate and expanded coverage to more areas. Users are becoming more knowledgeable about the recycling process and materials, which has contributed to a reduction in normal waste. Companies now have options to reduce their waste and can track their waste regarding the waste receiver. As a result of these efforts, Tilos in Greece has become the first zero waste island.
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Just Go Zero
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Just Go Zero