Aug 20, 2021
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Custom software for managing temporary nursing professionals

Custom software for managing temporary nursing professionals

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United States
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The use of legacy software created an unnecessary workload due to manual infrastructure management. The lack of quick service integrations caused a slow response to market demands. Ensure 100% compliance of software infrastructure with specific healthcare regulations. Support the client's core need for secure processing of patient data.


The development team started working based on design and specifications provided by the client. It delivered a Web solution with all necessary functionality helping the client support the entire workflow of finding, managing, and paying temporary nursing professionals. The team introduced multiple project improvements. For example, the team broke down monolithic architecture into microservices in order to ensure project flexibility and faster deployments.


The IT Craft DevOps team prepared an improvement plan based on the client's goals and concerns. It executed a seamless transition to a new architecture. The team built the new infrastructure using top-notch technologies. It implemented all standard regulations necessary/vital for projects in the healthcare domain.