Jan 31, 2024
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Custom VR Development for Omni

Custom VR Development for Omni

more 1 year
United States
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Initially, the client developed VR treadmills and delivered them to the market successfully. He wanted to provide a playroom for collective VR experiences. For it, he planned to combine 4 VR treadmills within a self-contained, easy-to-maintain VR booth. Omni Arena targets a wide audience of VR enthusiasts making it a profitable business idea. Omni Arenas generate a big part of the revenue from repeat plays. They become an anchor attraction in a venue driving traffic of engaged customers.


Our team successfully integrated new functionality into an existing system and reworked partially legacy source code, decreasing the number of failed sessions several times. Our experts adjusted custom controllers and implemented decoupling to make free movements inside Omni Arena possible.


Omni Arena is a complete, turnkey solution. It can be installed fast and requires minimum attention from a business owner. Due to its size, it takes little space in a venue thus, saving rent costs. Still, it attracts much attention. Many visitors come to a venue specifically to play Omni Arena.