Jun 24, 2021
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AI-based Financial Data Management Platform

7-12 months
United States
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Custom Software Development
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Banking & Financial Services
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Business Software
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The platform automates key-decision making process with AI-based predictive modules reflecting the credit cycles. It is focused on providing AI-based services across the value chain, from new customer acquisition, dynamic credit scoring, underwriting with multi-dimensional models, up/cross-sell marketing to automated risk management and real-time fraud detection, etc. for banks and financial institutions.


Our team has delivered the frontend part of a custom financial data management platform that pulls large amounts of financial information from the customer’s database and visualizes it comprehensively. The visualized data becomes available for end users, i.e. banks and financial institutions, via a paid subscription. The most challenging point was to find a technical solution that would enable fast and seamless data transfer from the client’s API, which generates data in the JSON interchange format, to the interface where the collected data would be comprehensively visualized in multiple forms, diagrams, and charts.


As a result, Itexus has delivered a ready-to-use mobile app, with a core set of expense tracker functions and gamification features. The team is currently working on the second version of this money saving app turning it into a full-scale virtual personal finance assistant, empowered with a tax calculator and bill payment service, investment adviser allowing to automatically create a stock portfolio depending on the client’s investment profile and automatically invest savings via a 401k or IRA brokerage account.