Jun 24, 2021
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Algorithmic Intraday Stock Trading System – Stock Trading Bot

Algorithmic Intraday Stock Trading System – Stock Trading Bot

2-3 months
United States
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The client is a wealth management company with 20 years of experience and their proprietary active stock trading strategy. The client contracted Itexus for the system’s development because he was impressed by our expertise in the financial/stock markets domain, the ability to quickly grasp complicated financial requirements and readiness to commit to a very aggressive deadline (3 months to create and launch the MVP). A holistic approach to software architecture and experience with high-load real-time applications were other crucial factors to choose Itexus as a development partner.


The system allows clients to register and connect their brokerage account, configure the trading strategy’s parameters such as buying power, leverage, risk level, etc., run automated trading from their brokerage account, monitor trades in real-time and review the profit/loss reports. For this, they pay a commission fee and percentage of the generated profit. In background, the system uses technical analysis to generate forecasts for certain stocks for the next trading session, opens short and long positions according to the forecasts, monitors real-time execution set by complex rules, closes the positions that don’t perform properly and fixes profits at the end of each trading session.


The first version of the platform was delivered in full compliance with the specifications and the client’s deadline. In 3 months after the project’s start, the system was live and available to real end-clients, trading with real money. The system allowed to significantly lower the operational costs by reducing manual labor of expensive personnel and to scale the business to handle hundreds and potentially thousands of clients. The project is still underway, and Itexus provides support and maintenance services and is working on future versions of the system which is evolving into an advanced wealth management and personal finance solution with the active intraday trading module as just one of its components.