Jun 24, 2021
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Life-saving Emergency App for Ambulance Call

Life-saving Emergency App for Ambulance Call

4-6 months
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The main function was to provide the ability to call for help in the case of a sudden deterioration in health, so that the certified respondents could reach you as quickly as possible and provide the necessary assistance before the ambulance arrives. Besides, when calling for help, there was a parallel call to the local ambulance service.


Health Emergency Mobile App
Health Emergency Mobile App


In 4 months, the team delivered the first working version that met all the client’s stated requirements, budget and timeline. The sustained timeline allowed the customer to start users testing on time and unblocked the start of further marketing activities required by the client at this stage. Currently, the Itexus team is working on the second version of the health emergency application which includes additional features, and also adapts the existing app for various devices (smart watches, smart home, etc.).