Jun 24, 2021
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Online Lending Platform for Small Businesses

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United States
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Custom Software Development
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Banking & Financial Services
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Business Software


Digital lending platform with a mobile app client fully automating the loan process from origination, online loan application, KYC, credit scoring, underwriting, payments, reporting, and bad deal management. Featuring a custom AI analytics & scoring engine, virtual credit cards, and integration with major credit reporting agencies and a bank accounts aggregation platform.


A dedicated team of data scientists on our side worked in close collaboration with credit bureau specialists to create an AI-based credit scoring module that used credit history reports, transactional and social data on both the business and the business owner, assessing the value of the collateral, future inflation predictions, and overall economic growth to forecast the probability of default on a loan and calculate the optimal loan parameters in real time. The credit scoring module used an ensemble of algorithms varying from logistics regression to deep neural networks to achieve optimal performance on any volumes of data. The models are updated and retrained on daily basis as the new data comes in.


The final product has been delivered within budget and on schedule, ready for launch in the App Store. The client is currently negotiating deals with major U.S. and local community banks to launch the financial platform as a means to deploy capital through the platform. Itexus team is working on the second version of the product turning it into a white label solution.