Jun 24, 2021
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Wealth Management Platform

Wealth Management Platform

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Wealth management platform connecting investors with a professional wealth-advisory company, allowing investors to answer a questionnaire and receive either a recommended model portfolio or a custom-tailored individual portfolio, that is further monitored, rebalanced and adjusted by a professional wealth-adviser based on the changing market conditions and client’s goals.


The client is a well-established Swiss wealth-advisory and asset-management company Gigant Customized Investment Portfolio LLC. In order to expand the market reach and provide a new fully digital service to their clients they decided to launch a new online platform that will automate their consulting workflow and allow the clients to access their wealth-advisory services remotely, anonymously from anywhere in the world.


The system is ready and live. The client is working with the legal advisers to ensure the new process is fully compliant with the Swiss laws. Itexus and Gigant Customized Investment Portfolio LLC are discussing the co-marketing plan and the new features for the product including mobile clients for iOS and Android platforms.