Mar 12, 2021
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AI-powered self-service BI and big data platform

4-6 months
United States
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The importance of data, its accuracy, and availability when and where needed, can not be overestimated when it comes to business prosperity and leadership. For a company operating on a large scale, getting as close to data as possible becomes even more critical. That’s what our client came to us for. With a huge number of internal users, disparate systems and isolated islands of data began to take a toll on the entire data analysis process resulting in inaccurate insights, poor business decisions, and missed market opportunities. Our team was entrusted with the task of creating an AI-driven big data and self-service business intelligence platform to provide the client’s almost 3 million internal users with hassle-free on-demand data access.


Graph data structures a cutting-edge technology that has proven to be incredibly efficient at handling complex networks of relationships and swiftly dealing with deep and complex queries A specific close to natural language dialect that is much simpler than SQL to make the search a breeze even for untrained users Integration with major data sources and systems: Enterprise Data Lake, Slack, Zoom, Atlassian Stack (Confluence, Jira), Office 365, Active Directory, SAP, Microsoft Exchange, etc. The Report Builder feature allows business users to create complex reports by querying multiple data sources at the same time and share them


3 million internal users now have access to a big-picture view of all previously inaccessible data A self-service data analytics platform allows non-tech-savvy business users to filter, sort, analyze and visualize data on their own The big data platform drastically cuts down the time and effort it takes to collect and analyze data, which opens up new market opportunities and helps make sound business decisions way faster Business users get timely and actionable insights to make smarter decisions based on data rather than intuition in just a few clicks