Aug 02, 2022
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Mobile App Development for Affiliate Marketing Platform

Mobile App Development for Affiliate Marketing Platform

more 1 year
United Kingdom
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Advertising & Marketing
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React Native


We wanted to have the ability to allow micro-influencers who wouldn’t usually get a deal with a retailer or brand to make money through an affiliate deal. Although my co-founder and I came from a fashion background and weren’t technical, we saw this as an opportunity. Our goal was to create a platform that would allow micro-influencers to earn money through deals we’d already negotiated with retailers. In a way, we wanted to create a form of affiliate marketing.


ITSUA provides us with mobile app development. They’ve built an Android and iOS app using React Native, Shopify, Nuxt.js, and Awin. The team has added functionality that allows us to track affiliate recommendations and share commissions within the app. We’ve used TestFlight to test the app. Although we worked on someone else to design the app’s look, ITSUA has developed the technology side so that the UI works as intended. Currently, development is paused because we’re reviewing how the app works from the concept level.


ITSUA has been able to figure out how to track good recommendations and share commissions, even though lots of people told us it wasn’t possible. The team found an elegant solution for that feature. Unfortunately, the project is currently on hold because we weren’t getting the engagement we wanted, and we have to change how we approach the content. However, this is not a tech issue; it’s a design issue on our side.