Aug 02, 2022
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Shopify Store Design & Dev for Technology Consulting Company

7-12 months
Service categories
Domain focus
Programming language


We partnered with them while working on the conception, design, and development of the Shopify Plus-based store. We worked as a distributed team: our internal Designer, Project Manager, QA experts, web developers, and ITSUA developers have been working together. ITSUA worked with us on the planning of the development of Shopify Plus store, defining the structure and applications to be used. ITSUA worked on the integration of a Shopify Plus store with Akeneo PIM and extended the integration with a custom-coded plugin.


We have been working on a structure and a design for the website as well as on its QA and development. We included ITSUA into the project from the very beginning to get their expertise regarding applications that had to be used, PIM that had to be integrated, and development strategy. They were our partners throughout the project and we worked as one efficient team together.


The project was delivered in time and the channeling technical solution enabled an efficient work of the e-commerce store. ITSUA has a very collaborative team, their management is always looking for solutions that will work in the best way for the project. They have great technical expertise.