Apr 30, 2021
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4-6 months
United States, Seattle
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At the rising dawn of 2013, when 3D printer technologies were still a new thing to a new world, many entrepreneurs were struggling to secure the target market. A year later, a business unit named GlowForge made its debut by presenting a simple yet fantastic design for the 3D printer technology. However, the founder lacked enough resources to implement his ideas and successfully move the traction for his product into the future. That’s the reason why he contacted us in the first place. He noticed that our company assists with both the business and technological development of a startup, and we decided to help his business needs.


Our design team’s first thing focused on was the brand logo, embedding the simplicity of perception and complexity of the art. Since Glowforge company is all about creativity, it inspires users to be creative and brave in visualizing their dreams. After the necessary development work, JetRuby successfully automated customer order creation. We covered numerous scenarios, such as pre-orders and real-time orders, and system behavior in RMA. Also, it fixed the issue where the chosen item was not in the local warehouse but instead somewhere else.


During the first month, more than 10,000 printer products have been successfully sold. Almost an infinite number of satisfied customers have already experienced the platform’s ease and are happy with the Glowforge app experience. Now people are starting to build businesses on them. On the one hand, some people are doing their woodworking hobbies and making fundraisers around them. Even some schools are actively using them for prototyping, art classes, and engineering classes.