Apr 30, 2021
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Move Shanghai

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China, Shanghai
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"Move Shanghai" was a young and competent startup project that took its origins in Shanghai, China. In 2015 the founder came to us as a company owner with a "Move Shanghai" application prototype. His idea consisted of a platform to manage the active lifestyle in Shanghai by connecting the most famous and best sports venues. One of the main challenges was to surpass "The Great Firewall" of the China network. Since by default, it would block all of the potential clients/services respectively. Another significant challenge to overcome was integrating different third-party services (e.g. mindbodyonline.com) with the local ones.


Most of the services that China currently has are hosted on their own servers. So if you want to publish an application on the Chinese market there are two to do it: Chinese hosting servers or with a separate agency. We chose the first option as our team had to integrate local services to adapt to app needs. The payment system was replaced entirely with the "Paymentwall". The Twilio notification system was changed to a local adaptation, called “YunPian”. This was a little bit tricky to be completed correctly within the app but was still integrated as it was initially intended. Both the iOS and Android versions of the app are unified with the API system, and because of that, they're practically identical and synchronized no matter what mobile platform the user was using.


The startup project, which began with a simple idea, had successfully boomed into a complete product in Central Asia and is now available in more than 150 countries worldwide. 96% of its active users are mainly oriented on the iPhone application, who have downloaded the app up to 11,000 times since its initial launch. With over 200+ different variations, the app allows users to use the most trending, beautiful, and functional sports outlets. And every month, for around 20 to 50 outlets are being varied to provide more options to the customer's taste.