Apr 30, 2021
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United States, Redwood City, California
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Since changing the existing API could potentially break the entire mobile app, we had to come up with a more reliable and flexible solution to implement new features in the web version. What is more, copying the iOS app features had to be done with particular finesse due to numerous UX differences. Finally, we needed to make sure that both the website and the mobile application would be bug-free.


Despite Sortly’s technological origins, web development is somewhat akin to art. We approached the project with creativity and passion, enabling us to solve all the challenges and related issues. Our back-end developers created the second version of the existing API to ensure smooth implementation of new features in the web version. Leveraging the profound skill set of our team, we developed a perfectly responsive and bug-free website. Beyond that, we were able to add some extra features like the navigation tree while meeting the deadlines.


“Sortly” has passed numerous stages of development ever since it was initially given to us. Right now, it is a #1 inventory app in AppStore, while we are constantly improving its functionality daily. Since its first launch, the app gained more than 5,000 positive reviews on AppStore, with over 300,000 installations worldwide. Many users are already using it across the whole globe, while huge enterprise companies actively discover its value. The list contains HP, Sanford Health, Yale, Pepsico, Lyft, and many more.