Apr 05, 2024
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Cell Insights

Cell Insights

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The customer, a leading international manufacturer of pharmaceuticals and laboratory equipment, faced challenges in traditional process development for antibody production. These challenges included low yield, growth inhibition, extensive timelines, scalability issues, and high costs associated with experimentation and optimization.


To address these challenges, the customer collaborated with Kanda to develop Cell Insights, a cloud-based bioreactor simulation tool. This tool allows scientists and researchers to perform in silico experiments to model the impact of new conditions such as temperature, pH, feeding strategy, and media composition. Cell Insights aims to expedite process development, reduce the number of physical experiments required, and streamline experiment setup and optimization activities.


The development and launch of Cell Insights resulted in significant improvements for the customer's process development: - Reduced development time and resources required. - Improved decision-making leading to faster time to market. - Optimization of process conditions such as temperature, pH, and feeding strategies. - Forecasting behavior with media exchange (intensified/continuous). - Enhanced clone selection for intensified/perfusion manufacturing. - Prediction of Critical Quality Attribute (CQA) outcomes.
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Cell Insights