Apr 05, 2024
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Real-time Leaderboard Implementation for Helix eSports

Real-time Leaderboard Implementation for Helix eSports

7-12 months
United States
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Helix eSports, a leading esports center, faced a challenge in representing their gaming teams' performance data in real-time on-screen at their centers. They needed to collect and display data such as usernames, scores, locations, and rewards for their gaming tournaments across multiple games.


Kanda Software provided a technical solution involving data collection, extraction, cloud integration, and leaderboard display. A Windows service collected game data, which was then sent to an AWS cloud environment for processing using AWS Amplify and Lambda. The processed data was used to update a real-time leaderboard on the Helix eSports website, showcasing player performance metrics.


The implementation of Kanda Software's solution revolutionized Helix eSports' approach to tournaments and gaming performance tracking. The real-time leaderboard enhanced the gaming experience by offering dynamic and engaging visuals, promoting both the competitive and fun aspects of gaming. Key features included real-time leaderboards displaying player scores, usernames, locations, and rewards, streamlined data collection and processing, and historical data storage for easy access to past gaming results.
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Real-time Leaderboard Implementation for Helix eSports