Jul 14, 2023
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United Kingdom, London
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Limited time and opportunity for radical changes or creating a new design; Changing the perception of digital products among older users by developing an adaptable and clear system; Establishing time frames for tasks, eliminating unnecessary phases, and introducing mandatory steps to streamline and enhance the efficiency of the book writing process; Displaying the extensive amount of information correctly across desktop, tablet, and mobile pages without compromising the essential data; Implementing the client’s idea concerning cover templates; Founding a holistic approach to security and resources to minimize security risks; Recreating the functionality of MS Word or Google Docs in a short period of time.


By conducting a UX audit, we applied the best principles to develop an effective live platform; Since today there is a wide range of mobile, tablet, and laptop resolutions, the designer should have implemented a proper solution to fit various screen types and sizes; The client can add a personal photo, write the title of the book, add a quote or short description on the back side, and choose colors and styles for the future cover; The adoption of security solutions helped us streamline project execution, optimize resource allocation, manage risks, and resolve critical issues; Our designer improved the usability of all features, and developers increased the speed of the tool. QA specialists did troubleshooting and controlled the process of fixing all the bugs.


The client's concerns about communication, missing features, and outdated UI led to a comprehensive study of the platform, resulting in streamlined processes and resolved issues. Bookmaker demonstrates flexibility in adapting to changing requirements and incorporates feedback from new team members. User-platform interaction was simplified through the development of new features and fixing heuristic errors. Explicit goals and assigned tasks for each role improved the efficiency of the book creation process. Bookmaker's approach of studying time requirements, providing feedback, and setting time limits increased productivity and adaptability. High-fidelity prototypes enabled effective communication and reduced development costs.