Jul 15, 2023
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4-6 months
United States
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Web Development
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Business Services
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The design wasn't wholly prepared for the rapid project development and support; The calculation of taxes has its nuances; Optimizing the processing of each user step when entering payroll data; The PDF generation on the project required many resources. Since we used Next.js development technology with deployment on Vercel, we had to consider separating the PDF generation. But the reason for separating PDF generation was because Vercel didn't allow the use of more than 50Mb for Serverless functions.


UI/UX changes to the user flow; Finding the appropriate API; We used server caching to store the results of tax calculations for each state; We used Firebase functions for PDF generation as a solution, allowing us to use many resources. It solved the resource-related problem and made it possible to scale the project.


The pay stub generator is a practical professional tool for all types of businesses. Using this solution, you choose a template, enter company and employee info and an earning statement, and download and review your final pay stub. You can be sure about the accuracy of all deductions since the pay stub generator uses the latest accounting payroll software to ensure accurate calculations.