Sep 04, 2023
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Salesforce for Financial Institution

Salesforce for Financial Institution

4-6 months
United States
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Our client is a registered finance company engaged in various financial services businesses. It provides both wholesale and retail funding opportunities across sectors. Challenges: The client sale has dipped during the pandemic period, as there was no other way of verification apart from physical verification done by the agent. The client lagged in gaining new sales also due to an outdated sales system


As Covid had hit there was a downturn in sales so we built a quick MVP for the client. MVP included prospect(lead) to the customer journey, where all document collection, fraud control verification, and other identity verifications were automated with the agent no longer needing to visit the customer premises. We integrated the entire client’s third-party software, into the new CRM system to ensure they work in an organized manner.


The new automated system tripled their sales to pre-Covid levels and also streamlined their process leading to a smoother experience. To experience the streamlined Salesforce implementation and immediate benefits of Salesforce, explore our Salesforce QuickStart Packages and unlock the power of accelerated transformation. Visit our QuickStart Packages to learn more.