May 20, 2021
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iPad app for flight attendants of S7 Airlines.

more 1 year
Russia, Moscow
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Mobile Development
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Transportation & Logistics
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Business Software
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Objective – C


How flight attendants got rid of 10 kg of documents per flight. The challenge was to create a huge system (10 integration systems, backend, frontend, analytics, and design) to get rid of hard copies (more than 10 kg per flight) for flight attendants, who were supposed to greet passengers already having full information about them in order to provide a unique service on board: - to improve the quality of the passenger service to attract and retain customers; - to automate the work of the flight attendants; - to obtain analytical information for the company development.


Problems in the project: Offline-first. The application mostly works offline or has poor connection, while it must store more than 200 megabytes of the data required for a flight. Integration with 10+ dynamically developing services of the company. The use of the minimum amount of mobile traffic. We have been working closely with the Technical Department of S7 Airlines. We integrated with the systems via REST API and BACE to BACE: Intranet S7 Airlines - DCS; - Apis; - Amadeus; - S7 Airlines in-house services. Improving the quality of the passenger service provided by the flight attendants in order to increase the number of customers;


- Getting rid of all the hard copies; - Briefing on the tablet only; - Filling out and storing reports in the document management system; - Improving the passenger service; - СForming the data acquisition system to develop the company’s service; We published just a small part of our work, because the secret blocks are under the NDA, so we cannot reveal all the secrets. New goals have already been set for the year ahead. Our company has been developing a project for S7 Airlines for more than 4 years now, our team holds meetings with 100+ flight attendants every six months, receives feedback from real users, and improves the system.
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