Oct 13, 2021
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Our Better World - Content-as-a-platform BOT team

Our Better World - Content-as-a-platform BOT team

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Given birth by the Singapore International Foundation in 2011, Our Better World (OBW) is a story-telling platform, bringing the internet communities to real life for good causes. However, the legacy system was fragmented, with the unfriendly user interface, disrupted user experience leading to their inability to prompt actions. OBW community was scattered on Facebook and their website, making it impossible to capture and consolidate data. OBW team and the communities were in need of a centralized and optimized platform so that the stories of good causes reach more and inspire more actions.


As OBW dedicated tech partner, we took a holistic approach to reform how technology could enable OBW to achieve their goals. We built a user-centric platform to empower the stories told by OBW and drive better community engagement. The new decoupled system has helped people discover good-cause stories, be inspired and make a contribution in any form in one streamlined journey.


The new platform marked a cornerstone where the team focus shifted from stories-centric to a tech-enabled storytelling platform, where they are empowered by innovative technology to engage people with their stories. It’s the beginning of a full digital transformation that OBW undertakes to reform their business model in the digital-first era and achieve bigger growth & revenues.