Oct 14, 2021
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WECHEER.IO - Smart bottle opener

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They need an agile developer team who can build their ideas from scratch but effectively and quickly


Kyanon Digital has been their dedicated tech partner since its very first day, immersing with their in-house team and forming an agile unit that grows continuously. Beyond just a technical development partner, we also contribute to strategic planning of the product roadmap and help Wecheer.io team accomplish its business goals.


For products, our user applications can receive data from every interaction done with the IoT devices and automatically perform data analytics to create insights for the business intelligence of breweries and bars. Together as a team, we have revolutionarily transformed the drinking industry, leveraging technological innovations to create fun moments for users and digitally reform how bartenders, bar owners and breweries work. The concept of Pay Per Click (PPC) turns into Pay Per Bottle (PPB) where all real-time data is visualized for strategic and instant decision making. This unique proprietary patented solution is the first to provide: Data Accuracy for insights analytics, Effective Engagement and Scalability.