May 17, 2021
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The Spoke

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The primary customer need was to create an initial version of the product that they could use for fundraising and to acquire an initial user base. So, La’Soft had to create wireframes, offer a UI/UX solution, and build an HTML layout. We provided front-end & back-end development services. An experienced project manager was assigned to lead and coordinate the project so that our client would see incredible results.


The Spoke is a massive user portal with personal lists of movies, dishes, festivals, fun & games and other entertainment topics, which users can keep in a safe place and share with their friends. The Spoke’s method of building a search engine is focused on allowing searchers to access personalized content from the people users trust the most. The Spoke works like Spotify, where users can create or follow any list However, instead of lists of songs, they can follow lists of movies, restaurants, books and more. After following their friends, their search results for them will be based on their friends’ favorites, and they can watch a movie or reserve a table with one click.


Search Search recommendations from friends and influencers and get a perfect match based on your preferences. By typing a movie’s name into a search bar, you will get a result page with a list of movies that fit your query. Watch You are able to see all the details about a movie that you are going to watch and find a place for streaming. You can help The Spoke become more fluent in searches if you rate a movie after watching. Create Every user can create their own list of movies, sort by category, share with friends and follow other users' lists. Owners can edit or delete their lists. Look Users can look for a restaurant in the search bar or rely on feedback from their friends. Furthermore, it is helpful to discover a list of users who have become experts in the food domain.
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