Dec 07, 2023
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Groundlight - Computer Vision SaaS Application Development

Groundlight - Computer Vision SaaS Application Development

2-3 months
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Groundlight, an image analysis application that uses machine learning and computer vision, partnered with Leanware to improve their product and transition to SaaS. Groundlight's technology allows users to ask questions about image and video streams, such as checking the status of doors or safety measures in industries, using safety helmets worn by personnel, and more. With Leanware as their partner, Groundlight successfully improved its product, gaining traction by enhancing features and functionality in its Computer Vision product.


This partnership resulted in acquiring new users, creating a more user-friendly interface, streamlining business processes, and an overall improvement in the application's performance and reliability. Our software development team's contributions to Groundlight included: Human Intervention Integration: When the algorithm fails to provide correct answers, we implemented a system for human intervention and disagreements. This feedback is used to train and refine the machine learning model, enhancing its future performance. User Interface and Experience Improvements: Significant efforts were made to improve the platform's UI and UX, making it more intuitive and user-friendly for clients in the manufacturing sector.


Enhanced User Experience: The improvements in UI and UX made the platform more accessible and easier to use for manufacturing industry personnel. Effective Human-AI Collaboration: The integration of human intervention in the learning loop of the ML model greatly improved its accuracy and adaptability. Streamlined Business Processes: The development of business flows and additional features like bounding box design and user metrics enhanced the overall functionality of the platform. Safer Manufacturing Environments: The application now effectively aids in monitoring safety compliance, contributing to safer working conditions on the shop floor.
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Groundlight - Computer Vision SaaS Application Development
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Groundlight - Computer Vision SaaS Application Development
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Groundlight - Computer Vision SaaS Application Development