Feb 01, 2022
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7-12 months
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Creating & development of a mobile app that communicates with Runeasi sensor api and allows physios to analyse biomechanical metrics using intuitive visualizations. Setting up a cloud infrastructure supporting SaaS bussiness model that allows Runeasi to authenticate customers, manage their licenses, synchronize data between multiple devices and enables them to continuously improve the service by learning from the data. The first step was to verify with physiotherapists the idea of Runeasi to analyze the runners’ movements with the smallest possible budget – to limit the risk of investment. After achieving the goals set for the MVP version, the next step was to build a high quality product.


Runeasi wanted to make a mobile application working with the sensor and to start testing the wearable technology with physios and their patients. They came with a list of many features they wanted to implement and asked for an estimation. Leaware, using their own new product discovery process, helped Runeasi to define the main purpose of using the first version of an application and to choose the most important functionalities, setting the minimal budget. The crucial thing on that stage was to enable physiotherapists to measure impact and interpret the data efficiently. The whole documentation was created and the development was done in a short time. It enabled Runeasi to test the solution with physios and gather invaluable feedback.


The product which Runeasi initially released was well-received by early adopters. Runeasi got the feedback that their product allows users to do efficient screenings of their patients and reveal interesting insights that are not trivial to spot otherwise. A biofeedback module for gait retraining, for which Leaware built a custom visualization turned out to be an effective tool to let patients self-optimize their running technique. Now customer base is growing, Runeasi is working on adding more functionalities to the app while making some parts of the app more robust.