Mar 21, 2023
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ESPRESA: Culture Benefits Platform

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Our customer’s intention was to bring more value to companies by providing their employees with easy access to corporate benefit programs, fitness and wellness activities, reimbursement programs, events, affinity groups, and internal communities. They planned to introduce a comprehensive platform for uniting businesses, employees, and third-party service providers. The solution’s mission was to let companies offer their employees different kinds of onsite services, including car wash, dry cleaning, or beauty procedures to visa support. One of our critical challenges during the solution’s development was to find a business model perfectly crafted for the adoption of a wide range of services the platform would need to support.


The delivered platform is comprised of 6 modules: Events management enables users to create virtual employee meetings, meetups, office hour slots, multi-track events, and gym schedules while monitoring attendance and participation with exceptional on-demand analytics. Wellbeing + Fitness ensures simplified access to off-site classes, including those offered by top-tier partners. Reimbursements + Allowances allows employees to take advantage of reimbursement programs globally and in any currency.


Challenges + Achievements supports gamified and mobile challenges for individuals and teams with the ability to reward employees for participating. Rewards + Recognition leverages a culture of gratitude in the organization, recognizing and sharing employees' achievements in a meaningful and timely way. Employee Resource Groups connect people in the organization and support formal and informal interest groups to strengthen the corporate culture.