Mar 21, 2023
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 Three-way integration and enhancement of SAP TM

Three-way integration and enhancement of SAP TM

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A transport company turned to LeverX Group to improve various operations, including fleet safety and management and vehicle tracking, as well as to enhance overall service excellence and reduce operating costs. To do so, the team had to establish a tricky three-way integration of the SAP TM system with third-party solutions.


Our team integrated SAP TM with PTV, a geographical service provider, on the one side and with two telematics solutions, FleetBoard and Dynafleet, on the other. In the course of integration processes, our team conducted the following development improvements: Geo map component enhancements Refinements of transportation cockpit application


Thanks to third-party services integrated with the customer’s SAP TM and our assistance during the project, the logistics company now feels the full force of newly gained functionality, including geocoding, geo routing, toll cost calculation, estimation of time and distance, map layers, and tracking of the actual location and drivers’ activities.