Jul 14, 2021
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4-6 months
United States, Elizabeth City
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Hockmeyer, the leading manufacturer and supplier of milling technology, needed a sleek, modern website that positions them as the industry pioneers they are. At the same time, the user experience needed to be improved, allowing prospective clients to view sample products and then get in touch with the company quickly and easily for a quote. When people think of milling technology (immersion mills, high viscosity mixers, etc.), they think of Hockmeyer. Hockmeyer has become the “band-aid” of their industry—the brand name synonymous with the product. The company’s primary goal for its new website was to bring its brand identity to the forefront and showcase it effectively, setting Hockmeyer apart from its competitors.


Maintaining brand identity and cohesion was at the heart of this project. We started with Hockmeyer’s signature blue-purple color and built the design around that, using complementary colors, fonts, and images. There were several elements of their business that Hockmeyer wanted to showcase on their new website that was not included in the previous iteration of the site. Most notably, their parts department and their people. We built separate pages dedicated to the parts and servicing department. This is a significant aspect of Hockmeyer’s business, so positioning it prominently was important. Hockmeyer guarantees all their products, so ensuring as little downtime as possible for a client is paramount. That’s why we emphasized their overnight shipping offer.


At the time we built the site, Hockmeyer was not using any specific ERP or CMS systems. However, they may do so soon. We designed the website with flexibility in mind, allowing integrations to be added seamlessly later. Adding new integrations is simply changing the data points through the WordPress back-end and making minor changes to enable the site to expand. The result is a site that can grow with the company. Many of our clients are businesses at varying stages of growth, and we understand the importance of a flexible website that will serve them both now and in the future. Lform has had a working relationship with Hockmeyer since 2018. As well as the website, we have worked with them on projects like brochures and print advertising.
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