Mar 19, 2021
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David Bradley Chocolates packaging design

2-3 months
United States, San Diego
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Service categories
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Domain focus
Retail and Restaurants


In this case, David Bradley had a chain of their own stores. So instead of analyzing what would be on the shelf next to them, we researched what the current trends were in their category of products, who were the major sellers, and how we could do something different and better. This is such an important part of the process that most branding companies and graphic designers skip over. But I believe it's crucial to not only creating a really beautiful package design, but more importantly, one that SELLS!


As you can see by these sketches for David Bradley, we developed a range of ideas before narrowing it down to the designs that we felt were on target for their audience. We presented several unique computer comps to David Bradley for our first phase. As you can see, the designs ranged in style but all with the same goals in mind, to create a unique new packaging design that would make their new and current customers say "wow, I've got to try this!" This is the fun part. We get to take all that we've learned about the company and the competition and start to create beautiful, strategic designs.


The new style of chocolate boxes went on the shelves and within the first month... they were the #1 sellers in the company history! The new packaging was eye-catching, modern, and breathed new life into a brand that had never really been designed professionally. In addition to the huge increase in sales, the new packaging went on to win the renowned IDA International Design Awards for 2013 and was featured on top packaging websites like The Dieline and Packaging of the World.
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