Jan 10, 2023
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Digitalizing the Future of the Healthcare Industry with Blockchain

Digitalizing the Future of the Healthcare Industry with Blockchain

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Switzerland, Basel
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In the pharma world, due to its bureaucracy, it takes ages to start clinical trials. For participants, it’s difficult to understand certain legal aspects and terminology of the papers they are about to sign. And for researchers, it’s grueling to keep track of all hard-copy documents. Hence, it became a prime objective for the client to digitalize the signing processes, which had been done manually, for all the parties involved in medical tests.


Light IT team has successfully implemented the following tasks: implemented Blockchain to make clinical data secure but traceable and integer; created a mobile app that allows research participants to sign papers directly in the application; built the admin panel so that researchers can create clinical trials, assign participants, and handle signing processes electronically; created a portal where researchers can manage legal papers and check their status, invite participants to take part in medical trials, commence the signing process as well as keep track of multiple stages of signing procedures.


Light IT has utilized Blockchain technology, created a cross-platform mobile application for iOS & Android, and a modern web platform from the ground up so that trial participants and researchers can manage various stages of signing processes and keep track of papers. Thus Light IT has automated signing procedures by 100%