Jul 28, 2021
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Van Eijck

4-6 months
Netherlands, Rotterdam
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Cloud Consulting
Software Development
Mobile Development
Web Development
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Van Eijck has experienced many low-quality development companies that tried to digitize their complex processes and infrastructure. Van Eijck reached out to Delta-N to another Dutch IT-company, to digitise its processes, gaining more efficiency and legal coverage according to the Dutch insurance system.


Lizard Global developed the VRS (Vehicle Recovery System) app, which helps emergency centers to efficiently shoot new tasks to internal and external employees. This app is for internal use - and is used to gather data from the motorist on location, which the office staff can use to follow up on each incident.


* A central system allows Van Eijck’s office staff to easily follow up on the incident, including invoicing and processing insurance claims. * The app allows the emergency room and internal/external employees to work more remotely, easily shooting and following up on new tasks while providing valuable feedback and data. * Users can claim damage due to accidents on the VRS app, which can be viewed by Van Eijck’s employees in an organised way
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