Jan 09, 2024
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Clinical Research Data Platform

Clinical Research Data Platform

4-6 months
United Kingdom
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ESI-Data approached us with the problem of lacking a straightforward and secure method for storing and managing crucial data from medical trials. They needed a solution that would enable them to make clinical research data readily available and secure for future research endeavors. Their vision included the development of a cloud-based platform to store information on medical trials, such as the launch of new drugs, vaccines, and the study of various diseases.


The project kicked off with a 3-week Design Sprint where we gained a deep understanding of the client’s problem, iteratively designed and improved a prototype, and crafted a technical proposal for the Minimum Viable Product (MVP). We adopted Scrum as a methodology. We organized our work into two-week sprints, enabling faster deliveries and regular feedback loops with the client. This gave us flexibility and responsiveness to changing project requirements. The front end was developed using React with TypeScript, providing a robust and scalable user interface. On the back end, we utilized Nest, a powerful framework for building efficient and scalable server-side applications. These technologies ensured a seamless user experience and efficient data management.


We successfully developed a fully functional and tested MVP within three months. The platform allowed for secure storage and easy access to clinical research data, addressing the client’s initial problem of storing information on physical devices. Moreover, we implemented additional features that exceeded the client’s expectations, providing them with a comprehensive solution. ESI-Data was highly satisfied with the results achieved by our team. The platform not only fulfilled their immediate needs but also opened up new possibilities for future research endeavors. The successful collaboration between our development team and the client’s team fostered a positive working environment characterized by excellent communication and mutual understanding.