Feb 19, 2024
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Kubernetes IT Infrastructure Dev for IT Product Company

Kubernetes IT Infrastructure Dev for IT Product Company

2-3 months
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Faced with a government initiative to regulate the betting industry, our client needed a system to monitor betting companies for compliance and fraud prevention, and accurately calculate significant taxes. This project also tested the scalability and efficiency of client's proprietary container management software, NOVA, under the demands of a highly regulated and high-load environment.


We enhanced our client's service delivery by optimizing application updates in test and production environments, designing a scalable IT infrastructure for high-load services, and setting up a Kubernetes infrastructure. This approach improved work speed, reliability, and ensured applications run smoothly. Automatic monitoring of service quality and availability ensured a seamless launch and reliable support, showcasing our dedication to robust, efficient IT solutions.


The implementation of our solution marked a significant leap forward in regulatory compliance technology, enhancing the efficiency and reliability of service and application updates in both test and production environments. Our system now offers uninterrupted performance with automated quality and availability monitoring, ensuring compliance with the stringent standards set by the government.