$50 - $99 / hr
10 - 49
Australia, Sydney
Within 1 month

MadAppGang is a team of tech experts specialising in mobile technologies. We develop applications for iOS, Android, WatchOS, MacOS, tvOS, Android Wear, wearables, and provide IoT system integration services.

Our experience with mobile apps, artificial intelligence and embedded systems provides a uniquely powerful resource for our clients.

We work with established businesses and startups who are seeking to innovate and improve customer experience. Over the past few years we've built solutions for fintech, healthcare, fitness, transportation, and communication industries.

We speak the language of both software and hardware (and we can still talk to real people). We're well-versed in security, real time systems, and machine learning. But what's even more important, we can explain a compression algorithm to a child.

We replace time-worn tools and methods with new technologies and innovative processes.

We choose technologies and tools that make our development process fast, help us create better apps, and can be easily supported after the product is launched. Our core tech stack includes Swift, Kotlin, Golang and React – something that was invented less than a decade ago.

We love mobile because it's powerful, useful and it's in everybody's pocket. Though the real reason is – we have fun building stuff for mobile.

We've been at this for almost five years. And we're still excited to move tasks to a current sprint's board.

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Australia, Sydney
Ukraine, Kremenchuk

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Johnson & Johnson
Tayble App
Tretyakov Gallery

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CMS solutions