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May 24, 2022
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United States
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Awnings are generally preferred to be bought in person rather than online as watching the pictures online and buying does not give a full insight about them. The customer may have certain questions regarding the product such as which product suits him the best or how to install it which may be necessary while buying the product. The buyer want to save money by installing the awning themselves and not hiring professionals for the same, but the buyer refrains from the complex installation procedures which affect the buying decisions. High marketing cost considering the product needs to reach the customers and rightly educate them on different usages and benefits. Price Ambiguity of various Awning products across different platforms.


To overcome the above problems the client wanted to develop an online portal where the buyers can see their product and get a virtual tour of how the product will look like, which product suits him the best and how to install them. The web portal also has option for live chat with customer care executives where people can ask their queries live.


The success of Advaning awning is evident from the fact that the sales of advaning is rising linearly and also the customers visiting the site. Over a period of time, Advaning has come up with 7 different products, each with its own distinct advantage and customer experience. Moreover, it has extended the platform to 11 popular authorized dealers across which speaks a lot about the market credibility.