Magneto IT Solutions
May 24, 2022
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2-3 months
Saudi Arabia
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Service categories
Domain focus
Retail and Restaurants
Programming language


Kawader is a B2B retail brand from the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, dealing in the field of catering equipment and cafes. They have a great offline presence because of which they have been able to create a formidable image amongst their customers. While offline channels were working great, Kawader wanted to expand its footprint in the market and overcome geographical barriers. For this, they were looking into building an online store to make it convenient for customers to view and buy from their entire range of products for their restaurants and cafes. This case study showcases how Magneto was able to deliver a solution to the needs of their client


After conducting the research around the best eCommerce store formats and the client’s needs, we were able to narrow down the functionalities that should be included in the eCommerce store for the client. We delivered an eCommerce solution with a great UI that provided the client’s customers a seamless buying experience. With a goal to make Kawader a leading party in supplying equipment for restaurants and hotels locally and regionally, the client was looking for solutions that would help them achieve their targets profitably.


Fact and Figures that are being used in this application are as below: After the launch of their eCommerce store, Kawader saw a great increase in their client base The quality that Kawader provided could be made visible to a lot more customers using their web store With increased trust, easier, and flexible buying options customers are increasingly purchasing from Kawader.