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May 24, 2022
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2-3 months
United States
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Getting a personal trainer these days has become havoc as they are not available on our nearby locations. The background check of trainers becomes diffficult if we have just migrated to new city, getting genuinely certified and qualified personal trainers is not that easy in unknown places. Most of the people are working off hours and are struggling to find a way in shape. Getting into subcription model is not convenient because of our dynamic schedule which keeps on changing. Doing Booking for personal trainers and paying them securely for hourly, daily, weekly and monthly.


To fulfil the demand of fitness freaks and prodessional trainers magneto It solutions developed on-demand platform. Two applications were build, one for user and other for the trainer. Application providers 24x7 services that is available at the doorstep by user friendly interface, easy registraion, choosing from the variety of certified at affordable prices and doing payment securely. Users can give feedbackinterface, easy continual service improvement.


FitLinker is one of the best health and fitness application. As mobile phone user base around the world has been growing at an unprecedented rate. Millions of people are spending money to avail the perks of the convenient at-door service. Billions of money is earned and people are happily spending on-demand application. The success of the FitLinker lies in the users who are giving best reviews after getting the best service from the professional trainers.