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Sep 29, 2022
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Kittch founders: veteran and entrepreneur Brian Bedol, Doug DeLuca, a co executive producer on Jimmy Kimmel Live; and Elana Karp, the former head chef and cofounder of Plated, wanted to create Twitch for chefs. They came to us with the idea and passion to create a streaming platform for chefs to share their experience and start the monetization of their knowledge. A platform where both chefs and visitors could have an environment for cooking and conversing. Chefs can create their profile with a detailed description, list their recipes, and create online streams. Visitors with different subscription options (paid and free), receive personalized notifications about new stream sessions from their favorite chefs.


During our collaboration and brainstorming, we’ve come up with the decision to create a MVP (Minimum viable product) for the Beta release. We installed a basic set of features with further improvement along the second iteration of the release. Under the Discovery stage, MOC specialists held many discussion sessions with the customer, as a result, an idea and concept were converted into wireframes, requirements, a plan of development and an end date. After a successful release in January, the Master of Code team proceeded to work on the second phase of product development.


Master of Code created a web-based streaming platform for chefs, that included: A chef’s profile with detailed information about them (banner, avatar, name, categories), including his work profile, add call-to-action buttons to follow his profile on Kittch or redirect to personal or social media pages. Each chef can create a list of their recipes and create a stream. Based on the recipes shown, visitors can prepare for the session and buy ingredients.