Mar 02, 2023
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Food delivery Fasivery

Food delivery Fasivery

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Fasivery is a Swiss restaurant food delivery service. The work principle of the company is to simplify and unify the food delivery process. The user can order any dish from the nearby restaurants. Fasivery managers take care of the rest, organizing the entire logistics process of the order, from ordering to the courier knocking at the door.


The story of the collaboration between Fasivery and Meta began with the support of their previous website, made by another contractor. But just six months later, Fasivery representatives decided to entrust us with the development of a complex and large-scale project. And it became precisely that -a ‘project’, and not just a ‘website’. The main task that was faced was not so much to create a webpage, but more of a full-fledged functional system. We tried to automate as much as possible for all stages of the work cycle, and based on the operations performed, settlements are made with restaurants and couriers automatically.


For Fasivery customers, we have created a system for calculating the time and the cost of delivery. The algorithm interacts with Google Maps, calculating the route. Various other factors are also taken into account, including the preparation time needed for the dish. Moreover, after the first calculation, the interaction with Google Maps for the subsequent order is no longer required. The algorithm will work according to the previously obtained data. Fewer GM requests - less expenses for customer.