Nov 06, 2022
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Aristotle Circle

Aristotle Circle

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01/An Outdated Tech Platform They needed a sturdy business management system to support their business operations. While Aristotle did possess a technology platform, it did not run at the level required to manage the growing business. Aristotle’s previous system was obsolete, and its poor construction continued to cause the company issues. 02/Unnecessary Amounts of Manual Labor Much of Aristotle Circle’s business was operated semi-manually, and their lack of automation put an undue burden on employees. The system’s inflexibility meant that staff was required to export & manipulate data by hand. And employees had to spend much of their time patching together their work from other software programs and offline efforts.


Optimized their Business through a Single User-Friendly Platform MEV created a team to fill in the missing elements preventing Aristotle Circle's digital transformation. The group covered various functions and helped Aristotle rebuild its business management system. Made Life Easier for Aristotle Circle Employees Our developers transformed the old platform through process automation, making the fragmented and resource-intensive platform more clean and efficient. Provided Continued Support Aristotle Circle's custom-built ERP has been operating effectively since 2013 without requiring significant updates. MEV also created extensive documentation for the entire system that would serve as a blueprint for all design, development, and maintenance aspects.


1. Fewer hiccups in software function and freeing up human resources meant the company could grow its user base and speed up its operations. 2. A centralized platform that integrates four different systems allows tutors, clients, and staff to navigate their respective web applications easily and do their jobs frustration-free. 3. Users have increasingly easy access to their applications, including via mobile devices. 4. The software was so successful that Aristotle Circle could sell it to another company for their business use, introducing an additional source of revenue.