Nov 06, 2022
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Daiichi Sankyo

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United States
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Too Much Data to Analyze Effectively Like other companies in the pharmaceutical industry, Daiichi Sankyo was subscribed to multiple expensive sources of data and analytics that were standard in the industry. Their problem was that they needed to be using them to their full potential and were concerned about falling behind the market. Need for Improved Interdepartmental Communication As was a common unsolved problem in the industry, the different sets of market data that needed to be interpreted for sales were separated into various departments. Success Where Other Development Teams Had Failed They needed to create a practical solution, and there needed to be more alignment between the business vision and a practical technical roadmap.


Built NimbleTool Data Analytics and Visualization Software NimbleTool integrated 16 external proprietary data sources and systems to map, track, and organize data to support sales, marketing, and account management. In other words, it tells a story about the market instead of showing disparate data sets. Made Data Actionable, Relevant and Accessible to Sales Reps by Building VOT VOT was built with User Experience at the top of mind; specifically, the experience of a sales representative making a sales call or visit within a limited time frame. It had two components; the first was an iPad application that allowed the rep to work offline. The second was a backend data system where hyper-targeted data was processed from across the country according to zip code.


1. Faster execution for pharmaceutical salespeople due to better UX and data delivery 2. Better internal interpretation of multiple data sources made more relevant to the needs of salespeople. 3. Better internal company communication and data access for speedier analysis 4. Two products that influenced and improved the way software was created and used in the pharmaceutical industry