Nov 06, 2022
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Data Storage, Management, and Reporting PillowPH received healthcare data from multiple feeds that needed to be stored, processed, and delivered in customer reports. Additionally, they needed all of these things to be done in a HIPAA-compliant way. Accurate System that Made Room for Growth The company used a suboptimal approach with their data, which was mainly handled manually. This approach took up a lot of time and made them vulnerable to reporting errors, which could be a significant issue.


Data Management System Over the years, MEV had built expertise working with the same data sources PillowPH was dealing with, such as pricing data from Medispan. MEV constructed an ETL layer to collect and normalize the data, an enterprise database to store it in a HIPAA-compliant way, an API layer for data access, and a custom reporting module to maximize the value of the data and improve customer experience. Ongoing Support As an ally and a partner, once the system was built, MEV assisted in its launch and trained PillowPH employees in how to use it competently and confidently. MEV continues to support the system’s operation using our Support Service offering.


1. More capabilities and space to increase their customer network 2. Decreased financial risks and legal liabilities by replacing a manual data management process 3. More accurate and comprehensive data reports 4. Data reports were more accessible for customers to understand and use