Feb 16, 2024
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Insightsoftware: Financial Reporting, BI, Budgeting & EPM Software

Insightsoftware: Financial Reporting, BI, Budgeting & EPM Software

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United States, North Carolina
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Insightsoftware provides financial reporting, analytics, and enterprise performance management (EPM) solutions. It is designed to help organizations streamline financial planning and analytics (FP&A), enhance business intelligence (BI), and improve overall performance management through EPM software. Insightsoftware faced the challenge of enhancing a large and complex finance software system that had evolved over the span of two decades. Understanding the complexity of the project, they decided to engage the expertise of seasoned back-end developers and architects. The goal was to scale up the project while tapping into the extensive experience that the skilled software developers from Milies could bring to the table.


Milies provided a team of back-end software developers and architects, whose swift comprehension of the project's essence allowed them to seamlessly immerse themselves in the task and deliver outstanding results. Our experts customized the authentication processes of the solution, skillfully incorporating query builders for a diverse range of Excel commands and formulas, as well as integrating them with numerous data providers.


Through this collaborative effort, Insightsoftware was able to scale up the project effectively while benefiting from the specialized knowledge and proficiency brought by Milies' team. The successful outcome underscores the significance of strategic partnerships and the value of tapping into external expertise to overcome complex challenges and achieve desired objectives in software development and enhancement.